Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beer Name Game

This is the domestic beer name game.  It's in reference to the fact that most domestic beer's have similar sounding, generic names.  It was originally posted to make fun of Big Flats 1901, It's reposted by request, and since a lot of people seemed to like it I thought I'd make it it's own separate post. If you like this post be sure to check out the rest of my blog or at least my other bottomshelf beer reviews.0 
Beer Name Game
Here’s how the domestic beer name game works:
1. If you’re under the age of 30 use the word “Old” if you’re over 30 use the word “Olde”  If you are exactly 30 use the word “ol’.”
2. Take the first letter of your last name and find a town in Wisconsin with the same first letter. (unless your last name begins with M, Q,U, X, Y or Z then you just use Milwaukee.) Adding an apostrophe “S” is entirely optional.  See list blow:

A- Arcadia
B- Boscobel
C- Commonwealth
D- Deerfield
E- Eau Galle
F- Fort Winnebago
G- Germania
H- Helvetia
I- Ixonia
J- Jamestown
K- Kewaskum
L- La Follette
M- Milwaukee
N- Nelson
O- Ojibwa
P- Polar
Q- Milwaukee
R- Rhinelander
S- Sheboygan
T- Tomahawk
U- Milwaukee
V- Vinland
W- Wausaukee
Y Milwaukee
Z- Milwaukee

3.  Take the first letter or your first name and apply it to the chart below

A- Stone
B- Mountain
C- River
D- Stream
E- Original
F- Lager
G- Big
H- Flats
I- Lake
J- Ice
K- Special
L- National
M- Point
N- Natural
O- Export
P- Falls
Q- Genuine
R- Draft
S- Best
T- Own
U- Lite
V- Light
W- Plains
X- Forest
Y- Ale
Z- Fields

4.  Take your age and add it to 1850.

I’m 27 so I got “Old.”  My last name starts with an “O” so I took Ojibwa and my first name starts with a “D” so I got stream.  Old Ojibwa Stream 1877.  Wow, I could really go for a cold ’77 right now.

Katy Perry would be Old Polar Special 1876.

And Eazy-E would be Olde Eau Galle Original 1887
Katy Perry loves the beer name game!
Note: You have to click on the picture to get her tits to bounce.

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